What to Avoid Eating After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

After your wisdom teeth are removed at our Dentist Ventura Office, you’re probably looking forward to lounging on the sofa with a nice dish of ice cream for a few days. Excellent! Allow yourself time to heal and eat meals that will be soothing and safe for your mouth while you recover. We’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to properly care for yourself after surgery, including suggesting the greatest meal alternatives.

While you’re compiling a list of items to purchase after wisdom teeth removal, there are several kinds of meals and beverages that should be avoided. If it’s tiny, spicy, sticky, or steamy, it should return to the shelf. Spirits? Not this time. Drinks with straws? That is not the case at all. Items like these can impede your healing process.

Foods To Avoid After Wisdom Teeth Removal:

Crunchy and small

Tiny particles, such as seeds or grains, or items like cookies, crackers, peanuts, and popcorn that become tiny pieces can get trapped in the surgical wound where your tooth was removed. These particles may also prevent the blood clot from forming to protect the socket while it heals. A painful condition known as “dry socket” may occur if the clot is dislodged.


Mild, sensitive gum tissue can be irritated by spicy and acidic foods. It’s best to avoid opening the hot sauce again until your gums have healed.


It’s difficult to extract fat from firm, crunchy, or chewy foods because the extraction site can be damaged. Stick to a soft diet until your wound has healed. It’s time to explore all of the pudding flavors now!

Wisdom Tooth Extraction


Coffee may be ruined by piping hot dishes and beverages, which can interrupt the clot’s activity—talk to us about when is the best time to start your day with a cup of coffee.


Mixing prescription pain relievers with alcohol might be hazardous. Consider any potential interactions with our dentist in Ventura. Even if you don’t take pain medication, it may still be a good idea to wait until your tooth has completely healed before toasting your lovely grin, according to some studies.


Last but not least, don’t forget to store the straws in their little paper wraps! Suction has the potential to disrupt any kind of blood clot that has formed around the surgical site. Milkshakes are great, but they must be consumed with a spoon. (And please, no cigarettes!)

Now that you’re aware of what to avoid, here are some items you can eat after wisdom teeth removal!

Bland foods that are soft in texture are the best. Meats should be tender and finely chopped or pureed. The sooner you can use a blender or food processor to craft your meals, the better off your mouth will be. Soft fruits and vegetables including mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, cream soups, oatmeal, rice pudding, yogurt with gelatin added in for extra cohesiveness, milk shakes—all work well when blended into a liquified mush before being eaten.

Follow our recommendations for a relaxing, safe diet and you’ll be eating your regular menu items in no time. So take it easy, unwind, eat healthily, and have that second scoop of ice cream. Medical advice required!


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