What Are the Advantages of Having Straight Teeth?

Did you know that four million Americans each year choose to straighten their teeth with braces or clear aligners? Perhaps even more intriguing, around 25% of them are in their thirties. The desire to have perfect straight teeth is the most common reason for getting dental treatment, but it may also provide you with a number of other advantages. Straightening teeth may provide significant benefits, including enhanced confidence and better digestion. Ready to discover what awaits you after your dental treatment? Here’s a summary by Dentist Ventura CA of all the major advantages.

Straight Teeth

Digestion Aid

Whether your teeth are crooked or you have difficulty chewing, you almost certainly have problems eating food properly. As a result, you may swallow each morsel of food far too quickly, leaving you exhausted well into the night with a painful stomach. Furthermore, as your digestive system works to process the undigested food, acid reflux quickly appears. In order to leave that bleak situation behind, you’ll need orthodontic treatment to straighten and correct your teeth.

It’s simpler to keep clean

Brushing and flossing might be difficult if your teeth overlap, sit twisted in their sockets, or otherwise don’t line up correctly. After all, it’s near-impossible to get your dental care devices between crooked teeth. It’s feasible to clean all of the surfaces every morning and night, as well as sweep around all of the periodontal pockets, by straightening them out. You can not only prevent tooth decay and cavities but also avoid gum disease with this action.

Helps with Speaking

If your teeth are overcrowded, gapped, or protruding, it’s more likely that you’ll have difficulty speaking clearly. It’s probable that certain letter sounds will come out garbled, and some words may be more difficult than they’re worth to pronounce. You can’t speak with confidence in every scenario when you don’t feel like you’re getting your message across and speaking with conviction in all situations. You’ll notice a significant difference in your speech patterns after correcting tooth alignment with braces.

Head and neck pain are reduced

When your teeth don’t fit properly together, your jawbones are out of alignment as well. This places a lot of strain on your temporomandibular joints while chewing and talking, particularly when you age. Over time, the strain causes discomfort in your head, neck, and even face. Headaches may also become a regular occurrence, leaving you yearning for an immediate cure. Straightening your teeth with braces or clear aligners can give you the comfort you need.

Chip and crack reduction

Teeth are most durable when they are in good company. With that in mind, it’s only natural that protruding and misaligned teeth have the highest risk of breaks and chips. Then, once the damage occurs, your dental surgeon must act quickly to avoid infection and preserve the rest of your natural tooth structure. By aligning those misaligned teeth before they get worse, you can avoid tooth damage in the first place and save a lot of money on restorations.

Tear and wear are reduced

A mouthful of misaligned teeth has to put out twice the amount of effort as a mouthful of correctly positioned teeth in performing their regular activities. Your gums and jaw, like your teeth, suffer from wear and strain as a result of this double burden. If you don’t straighten your teeth before they become severely malformed, you’ll wind up with significant dental problems that will necessitate a lot of restorative work to repair. Do you want to avoid all the drama? To straighten your teeth before too much damage occurs, get braces or clear aligners as soon as possible.



Confidence Boosts

Do your misaligned teeth limit the extent to which you can show your smile? You are not alone if this is the case. People with misshapen teeth don’t readily exhibit their grins wherever they go more often than not. Instead, they may try to maintain a neutral expression or conceal their grin with their hand. If that’s the case, it’s time to build your self-confidence by straightening your teeth.

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