The Causes and Effects of Tooth Enamel Erosion

A patient’s teeth may become stained and sensitive due to enamel erosion. There is no way to regrow enamel. With dental treatment and good oral hygiene, you can keep erosion from getting worse.

You can protect your teeth from physical and chemical damage by covering them with enamel. Enamel provides great protection against both physical and chemical damage. It is even harder than bones, making it the hardest tissue in the body.

All teeth are exposed to a wide variety of chemicals from food and bodily fluids, so enamel acts as their first line of defense. Because of this, it can become worn and damaged. Enamel erosion is the result of this.

tooth enamel erosion

Etching symptoms of enamel

Erosion of tooth enamel exhibits a variety of symptoms. Among them are:

  • Enhanced sensitivities to flavors, textures, and temperatures
  • Broken chips and cracks
  • An ill-colored appearance
  • You have an indentation on your teeth known as a cup

Enamel erosion might be present if you experience:

  • A painful experience
  • Food and drink with high acidity, heat, cold, and spicy sensitivity
  • Your teeth are discolored

It is possible to develop complications due to enamel erosion, such as:

  • A yellowish stain on the teeth
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Tooth surfaces with rough edges
  • Your teeth have shiny spots
  • Deteriorating dental health
  • As enamel wears away, teeth become translucent and clear
  • Teeth that have been broken


Factors contributing to enamel erosion

Acids found in your diet and in your urine are major causes of enamel erosion. In order to protect your teeth from acid erosion, saliva is constantly neutralizing them. The outer layer of your enamel will degrade over time if you consume too much acidic food and drink.

You can cause enamel erosion by eating certain foods, including:

  • ice cream, syrups, and caramels are examples of sugary foods
  • You can eat white bread or other starchy foods
  • Rhubarb, apples, citrus, and berries are among the foods that are acidic
  • Drinks that contain fruit and juice
  • In addition to sugar, sodas usually contain citric acid and phosphoric acid, damaging compounds
  • Citrus fruits contain a high level of vitamin C

Etching can also be caused by:

  • Grinding your teeth
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a chronic gastroesophageal reflux condition.
  • Xerostomia, a condition characterized by low salivation, is linked to conditions such as diabetes
  • Aspirin and antihistamines are common medications that are regularly used
  • Disorders such as bulimia, which damage digestion and expose the teeth to stomach acid, are harmful to teeth
  • Dental development can be affected by genetic problems like enamel hypoplasia or amelogenesis imperfecta


Are teeth able to regrow enamel?

There is nothing tougher than enamel. Due to the lack of living cells, it cannot repair itself if it is damaged physically or chemically. It follows that enamel erosion cannot be reversed and cannot be repaired.

A large amount of time passes before enamel erosion occurs. It’s still possible to prevent enamel erosion from getting worse, regardless of what level of erosion you currently have.


How to prevent and treat erosive enamel erosion

Your dentist may be able to help you if you’ve experienced significant enamel erosion. A tooth bonding procedure may be able to help you.

The bonding procedure involves the application of artificial material to stains or damaged teeth. The material is tooth-colored and resembles resin. Restoring discolorations with resin keeps your teeth protected. The discoloration of your front teeth may be caused by enamel erosion. If this is the case, consider tooth bonding.

If you have damage to your teeth in a more severe manner, your dentist may suggest that you have your teeth topped or polished to prevent further decay.

The best way to treat enamel erosion is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Even if you already have some enamel erosion, you can still prevent it from becoming worse by practicing good oral hygiene.

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