Have crowded teeth as an adult? Here’s what you can do!

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, bone density decreases naturally with age, causing the jaw bone to shrink. The shrinking jawbone and other factors that contribute to adult teeth crowding can also be linked to a shrinking jaw as an adult. You do not have to suffer from crowded teeth, however, there are several ways to keep your smile as a result of such a problem during your adult years.

crowded teeth

The metal brackets are a type of brace

There is no doubt that traditional metal braces are the most common orthodontic method of solving crowding issues. The teeth are gradually realigned after the teeth are attached to metal brackets with wires threaded through them over a period of several months. 

Although braces are undeniably an effective method of proper teeth alignment, many adults choose not to choose them because of the temporary changes they require to their lifestyle and appearance. Even though lingual braces are placed on the backsides of the teeth, they are usually less conspicuous and are a less obvious option for some people, braces will always require professional adjustment and supervision over the course of their lifetime. 


Aligning devices that can align the teeth at the same time

An alternative orthodontic treatment to braces called invisible dental aligners can assist in straightening and aligning crowded teeth while reducing the appearance of brackets and wires. It is important for the patient to understand that invisible aligners differ from braces in that they can be removed, when necessary, for eating and cleaning. These aligners are less obvious than metal braces and can also be removed for cleaning.

“Clearly aligners are preferred by most adults because they are more comfortable and less noticeable, says dentist Dr. Beshoy Eskandar, DDS, of The Smile Shapers, who spoke to WebMD Connect to Care, a dentist in ventura.

When wearing invisible aligners for the realignment of crowded teeth, you usually need to wear them all day during times when you are not eating or brushing your teeth to get the best results as soon as possible.


Recontouring and veneering – a cosmetic procedure

Minor crowding of the teeth can be remedied with cosmetic dental treatment or by reshaping them so that they fit together better. The teeth are not moved during cosmetic dental work as they are with orthodontic treatment. By transforming the structure of the tooth, the dentist can create the appearance of a straighter smile without changing the color of the tooth. 

In cosmetic recontouring, the proportions of the teeth are reduced in order to reduce crowding by shaving the bottom of the teeth down. Dr. Beshoy Eskandar, founder and CEO of The Smile Shapers, explains cosmetic recontouring as a non-invasive way to change the contour of teeth by reducing the natural enamel. “Despite its limitations, this method is irreversible and limited in its effects.”

In addition to replacing enamel and making teeth appear straighter, porcelain veneers can also be used to cover teeth with crowded enamel and make them appear straight. In preparation for porcelain veneers, more enamel is removed, which makes the procedure more invasive than cosmetic recontouring, says Dr. Beshoy Eskandar. This procedure also involves considerable costs and is irreversible.


Getting a more confident smile is only a matter of time! Start your journey today!

You can easily and affordably straighten your teeth if you are willing to follow the instructions. Take a look at the steps below to learn how to begin the process today. Contact The Smile Shapers today, they are standing by to help.

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