Getting Braces: What You Should Know

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already made up your mind to get braces. That’s wonderful! Now, you’re wondering what it’s like to get braces. Is it uncomfortable to have braces put on? Is it feasible for you not to eat popcorn for two years? Even if you’re going to the movies?

Dentist In Ventura, CA addressed some of our patients most common concerns about undergoing braces in this post. A warning alert: It is not as bad as you may believe, and the final results are well worth the time and effort.

Your Teeth Will Be In Pain

Are braces uncomfortable? It’s difficult to answer this question, because everyone feels pain differently. Soreness rather than agony is the discomfort you feel when wearing braces.

Braces are a form of treatment that is well-known for causing some discomfort. It’s only natural to feel some tension when getting braces, as the metal brackets and wires apply gentle, constant pressure to your teeth in order to move them. Tension headaches are also fairly typical as a result of this. The discomfort will be most apparent just after you get your braces put on and as you return for wires to be tightened or adjusted. When this pain strikes, take an over-the-counter painkiller and eat soft foods until it goes away.

Orthodontic Emergencies Can Occur

Brackets loosen and fall off. Wires spring out. It’s inevitable, and it’s critical to let Dr. Allen J. Levesque know when it happens to you so he can help.

He may reassure you that it will be taken care of the next time you see him, or he may have you come in right away so we can repair it. If you go a few weeks without letting us know that a bracket has fallen off, however, your treatment can be delayed and the amount of time you require in braces may need to be increased. 

Some foods will be forbidden

Following our dietary guidelines is the simplest method to avoid orthodontic emergencies and broken brackets, as we mentioned in the previous section. When patients eat hard or chewy foods, we frequently see damaged orthodontia. But apples and carrots should be sliced into tiny pieces rather than chewed whole, hard nuts like almonds should be avoided, and even tough cuts of meat and jerky can break apart brackets.

Foods to avoid with braces

Dental Hygiene Is a Challenge—and It’s Getting More Critical Than Ever

The last thing you want is for Dr. Allen J. Levesque to take your braces off in a year or two and find that your teeth are discolored—or, much worse, that you have cavities. However, if you don’t look after your teeth properly while wearing braces, this is the consequence. We understand that flossing and brushing around all of those brackets and wires is a pain, but it’s critical since plaque and tartar build up easily around your orthodontia. Clean between your teeth with a floss threader or a water flosser on a daily basis, whether you’re at work or school.

Braces Aren’t a Long-Term Solution (But Retainers Are!)

Did you think that getting braces would guarantee you a lifetime of straight teeth? Nope! Your teeth will only remain straight as long as you keep your results up, which means wearing retainers. 

We’ll provide you with a pair of retainers to wear while your teeth are being adjusted. You may need to wear your retainers all day after your braces are removed, but you’ll be able to do so only at night and eventually perhaps just every other night depending on your demands. We promise it will be worth it.

Learn More About Getting Braces Here

We hope we’ve satisfied your questions and concerns about having braces, but if there’s anything else you’d want to know before you begin, contact The Smile Shapers at (805) 658-1588.

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